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@Teethclaws now on instagram! Follow me there… 🙂

I’m happy to announce I have finally got round to signing up for Instagram! A little late to the party I know but still… I’m still learning the ropes but so far it has been a lot of fun and I’ve seen some beautiful photos. (and lots of gorgeous cats)

I’ll mostly be sharing photos of my Teeth and Claws artwork, my personal illustration work, bits of my works in progress, sneak peeks of new products, cards, prints and new adventures too as well as other related stuff. I promise not to take photos of my lunch (unless it’s really spectacular) and I don’t go on beach holidays. (In fact I don’t actually have time for any holidays at the moment)

So ladies and gentlemen, beasties and other smartphone users I invite you to follow me on instagram – @Teethclaws

See you there 🙂

Nicola’s Dragons… Personalised Dragons now available!

Dragons © Nicola L Robinson 2016 All Rights Reserved

Personalised Dragon Print © Nicola L Robinson

I’m very excited today to introduce my new personalised dragons to my shop! I’ve been asked so many times if I can add names to my dragons and it isn’t always possible to personalise designs which have not been created with this in mind, sometimes the dragon or other beastie is in the way of where any text might best fit. So I have finally illustrated a special dragon, specifically for personalisation.


Personalised Dragon Print © Nicola L Robinson |

My dragons are available in four dragon colours- Welsh Red, Icy Blue, Regal Purple and Wild Green, they are all A4 in size and printed on heavyweight German Etching Paper which is a classic art paper with a lovely surface texture, all come unframed and ready to add some dragon style to your home, particularly well suited to the nursery, playroom or children’s bedroom walls…

Dragons © Nicola L Robinson 2016 All Rights Reserved

Dragons © Nicola L Robinson 2016 All Rights Reserved

I make all prints to order and can personalise them with any text up to 14 characters long capitalised or up to 18 characters in a mix of upper and lowercase.

If you know someone who would like their very own personalised dragon you can order one directly from my Teeth and Claws website here.

Finally, if you happen to be in the Nottingham area my personalised dragons are also available to order in store in Locally Produced for You in West Bridgford.

Dragons © Nicola L Robinson 2016 All Rights Reserved

Dragons in store at Locally Produced for For You….



Locally Produced for You… Nottingham gift shop

Teeth and Claws prints and cards

Some of my illustrated beasties – cards and prints now in stock…

I’m very pleased to announce that my illustrated beasties have found their way into Locally Produced for You! A very lovely gift shop run by the lovely Kate Kumar, based in West Bridgford, Nottingham selling a treasure trove of beautifully crafted gifts from local designer makers.

This weekend I was excited to put together a special delivery of my illustrated dragons, dinosaurs and some big eyed cats for the shop…
Valentine Cards © Nicola L Robinson 2016

My new range of Valentine cards are also in stock too…

If you’re in Nottingham and looking for a special gift do check it out!

Visit the shop –
29/31 Central Avenue
West Bridgford
Nottingham NG2 5GQ
Opening hours term time:
Tues – Fri 9.30 – 2.45 pm
Saturday 9.30 – 5pm
You can also connect on Facebook to keep up to date with all the lovely new things as they arrive in store! and follow on Twitter too.

Christmas Cards! Christmas Dragons & Christmas Cats…

Dragon Christmas Cards © Nicola L Robinson 2015

Dragon Christmas Cards © Nicola L Robinson |

Ho ho ho! RAWR! and Meow 🙂 Christmas is just around the corner and everywhere is starting to look and feel festive. This Christmas I have a couple of furry new illustrated Christmas card designs to add to my popular Christmas Dragon Cards (Welsh Dragons)

Cat Christmas Cards © Nicola L Robinson 2015

Let me introduce my festive Christmas cats! Cute, fluffy and very very excited about Christmas… my white fluffy persian cat  and grey tabby can’t wait to help you spread some fetive kitty cheer. Purrfect for Cat lovers this Christmas. Each festive cat card is blank inside and comes with matching brown kraft recycled envelope, Meow!

My Christmas Cards are available now from Teeth and Claws – Christmas Cards

Happy holiday’s everyone! 🙂