Dinosaur Greeting Cards…. RAWR!

I love my work as an illustrator and though I’ve had my fair share of dragons and monsters and even the odd crocodile project for clients I’ve been sadly bereft of dinosaurs! I’ve wanted to draw some dinosaurs for a very long time, as a huge fan of all things reptile and monstrous dinosaurs have always been close to my heart, haha.

So, to launch Teeth and Claws I’ve designed and illustrated a set of 6 dinosaur greeting cards with 6 of my favourite and hopefully most recognisable dinosaurs…

Set of dinosaur greeting cards by Nicola L Robinson

Dinosaur Greeting Cards by Nicola L Robinson | Teeth and Claws www.teethandclaws.co.uk

From the top left we have – 

Iguanadon, Stegosaurus, Triceratops

Ankylosaurus, Diplodocus, and T Rex (of course)

I’ve decided to keep things as simple as possible, with a focus on the dinosaur, so no bells and whistles and bows here, just a brightly coloured, illustrated dinosaur, full of personality, on a card to send to all of your dinosaur loving friends and family.

All cards are printed on high quality thick white card stock and are blank inside for you to add your own message, these dinosaur greeting cards would make fantastic birthday cards, invitiations, placecards, thank you cards or just to say hello! (or RAWR!) to someone special.

Dinosaur greeting cards are available to purchase from my Teeth and Claws shop

All dinosaurs are illustrated by Nicola L Robinson.

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